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Huawei presents the FreeBuds, in-ear headphones that are inspired by the AirPods

The AirPods remain one of Apple’s most successful and appreciated products. Huawei, after presenting the new P20 and P20 Pro (with triple rear camera) also announced the FreeBuds.

These are wireless headphones that are very similar to AirPods. TheVerge commented: “the headphones do not surprise me, what surprises me is that it took all this time before someone copied the design of this product”.

The extended stem design is the smartest way to ensure really wireless headphones. The reason is soon explained: the Bluetooth antenna and the battery are integrated directly into the stem and this ensures a perfect compromise between minimal design and a fantastic transmission of the wireless signal.

Looking at the headphones closely, the differences are noticed. For example, the FreeBuds have a rubber pad around the part to be inserted into the ear, with round holes, just like most headphones on the market. AirPods diffuse the sound with a slightly different system, but when worn, the design tends to conforms and the headphones look exactly the same.


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