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The huge success of the AirPods continues, the HomePod sales are disappointing

According to information released by Barclays, Apple is still selling several AirPods. The sales of the HomePod instead seem to be quite disappointing.

Blayne Curtis,  a Barclays analyst, recently visited Asia, where he was able to meet some of the most important members of the Apple production chain. Based on the data collected directly from the plants, he made a forecast on the sales of the AirPods and the HomePod.

According to Curtis’ analysis, Apple could sell 30 million AirPods in 2018. This figure is in line with what was expected by KGI a few weeks ago. These headsets have found enormous success and are continuing to sell. In fact, Apple is still struggling to match the enormous demand of its customers. The production chain continues to work hard given the excellent forecasts for 2018.

As for the HomePod, the analyst has defined the sales recorded in this month after the launch really disappointing. The total production of the devices is around 6-7 million units, much lower than those of the AirPods. It is not even clear how many of these have already been sold, even if the forecasts do not seem to be positive. Obviously making a comparison between the two devices is not so immediate, because while the AirPods are available in many countries, the HomePod is not. This could mean that it will take a long time before the HomePod arrives in other countries.

Considering a production with these numbers, Apple does not plan to sell numerous HomePods in the coming months.

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