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Apple registers the patent of a crumb-resistant keyboard

Apple has registered a patent, made public in the last hours, on a keyboard resistant to crumbs. In fact, the patent describes two different ways in which a keyboard can “reject” the crumbs, such as the use of a membrane placed under each key that throws air every time it is pressed.

From the images included in the patent description, it is clear whether Apple is considering different approaches and alternatives for its first anti-crumb keyboard. For information, the patent was registered on September 8, 2016, one day after the presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to the patent, Apple has emphasized that a keyboard’s movable keys can be damaged by liquids and small solid fragments (such as crumbs, in fact). In particular, the company points out that ” residues of some liquids can corrode the electrical contacts and prevent the movement of the keys “.

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