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iPhone X, after being criticized for its Notch, is copied by many Android manufacturers

The Mobile World Congress 2018, the technological event involving the major smartphone manufacturers and thousands of other companies from all over the world, has just ended. As you know, unlike Samsung, LG, Huawei, SONY and all others, Apple no longer attends this conference because its “private” events are able to attract the same media attention of the entire annual conference. Nonetheless, Apple’s lack has not been felt that much. The iPhone X, in fact, has been awarded as the best smartphone on the market and its design has been a winner.

Turning in the various halls of the fair, it was virtually impossible not to come across a “clone” of iPhone X. From the best-known producers to those purely Chinese, the-hated- Notch iPhone X appeared on many models of smartphones that will be placed on the market during this 2018.

The producers who exhibited their next smartphone at MWC 2018 seemed to “run out of ideas” because practically all the smartphones copied the design of the iPhone X or the Galaxy S8.

Remaining in Apple theme, the sense of Notch is to offer a smartphone without edges, able to give a feeling of the edge-to-edge device. The approach of the other constructors from the design point of view can, therefore, be declared “bankrupt” because, in addition to copying the Notch, they have not even managed to abolish the edges.

For this 2018 therefore, the smartphones that we will see on the market will all be similar to the iPhone X at the top and the Galaxy S8 at the bottom.

Also this time Apple, after being harshly criticized for ” that horrible Notch “, often also by competing companies that have launched some advertising spots to deride it, has been imitated again.

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