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First benchmarks for the Galaxy S9: less performing processor than the iPhone X

Following the tests on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810 chip, it is clear that compared to the A10 and A11 processors created by Apple the one mounted on the Android device is definitely backward.

The results published online show that the Exynos 9810 is a fast, but not as fast, chip as the A10 and the A11. Several tests have confirmed an improvement in performance compared to its predecessor, but Apple chips remain for most of the best performing test results. In tests using GeekBench 4 in single core, the chip mounted on the Galaxy S9scored scores of 3,743 and 3,440, while those recorded by the A11 chip from Apple were  3,958 and 4,630.Even the A10 processor recorded higher scores, but it’s not all in the per-megahertz tests, things do not seem to improve, the chip used by Samsung has a score of 1.38 per megahertz, A11 chips at 1.94 per megahertz and the A10 chip at 1.71 for megahertz.

With the benchmarks referring to smartphones and not to processors, the results have remained virtually unchanged. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are better than the Galaxy S9 Plus. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 beat the 178 points of the Galaxy S9 Plus, the first gets 352 while the second 349 points with WebXPRT 2015. In the benchmark through Speedometer 2.0, the Galaxy S9 Plus marks only 26.70 while iPhone8 It scores 88.90 to get to the 87.20 of the iPhone X.

According to Andrei Frumusanu of Anandtech it is not likely that Samsung has limited the performance of its smartphones for the occasion, a spokesperson for the Korean company has confirmed that the demonstration units were executing a special firmware during the presentation at the Mobile World Congress, adding that it may not yet be optimized for the hardware.

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