iOS 12 “Peace” will introduce support for Animoji in FaceTime, improvements for Siri and more

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The Apple program to focus more attention on the quality of the software for iPhone, iPad and Mac rather than on the introduction of new functions was “unveiled” at least in part, by Mark Gurman.

In the article written by Gurman for Bloomberg News we read that Apple’s software engineers will have more freedom in postponing the release of not yet perfect features. The intention of the company of Cupertino is to avoid launching updates full of news every year, news that in some cases have presented many shortcomings.

Rather than imposing a relentless pace on engineers and including excessive news in a single update, Apple will focus on the next two years of updates for iPhone and iPad operating systems, according to reports from people familiar with the new directive. The company will continue to update its software annually, but engineers will be given more freedom to reject and postpone the functionality that is not yet perfect to the next year.

Taking as verified what is reported in the article, it is as if Apple had admitted that the latest software has suffered from an excessive, and unexpected, number of bugs and vulnerabilities.

Despite the greater attention to quality, it is still expected for iOS 12 (whose code name would be “Peace”) the introduction of important news, such as support to Animoji in FaceTime, which will allow users to talk with friends and family using the nice virtual faces.

The news does not end here. In iOS 12 Apple should improve the integration of Siri in the iPhone search view, and also improve the Do Not Disturb mode, giving users more options to automatically reject some calls or silence notifications. There is also talk of a graphic renewal of the Borsa app and a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games.

Finally, Mark Gurman confirmed that some new features have been permanently postponed, such as a renewed Home screen for iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay.

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