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WhatsApp Business finally arrives for Android users

WhatsApp Business finally arrives, but only for Android devices. The application is already available for download from the Play Store, but let’s find out what it consists of and how it differs from the traditional WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Business has been designed for the working world, in order to disconnect your private profile from the working one, while maintaining the possibility of using the same messaging application. But there’s more, the Business version will offer new features specially designed to better interact with customers and co-workers.

The application can be installed in parallel with the traditional WhatsApp but will require two separate phone numbers to be able to use both. This request could be particularly useful for all owners of a dual-SIM smartphone.

By creating our personalized profile in WhatsApp Business we have found many professional features to enrich it. The possibility to include information such as the website, the company address, the email address are just some of these. There are also predefined and automatic messages to be able to respond to customers as soon as possible. Everything will obviously be compatible with WhatsApp Web for greater convenience and immediacy.

Currently, the application is only available on Google Play Store, so for the iOS version, we need to wait.

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