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Apple takes part in the project to unify the future video compression

Apple joins the Alliance for Open Media, an association that has set itself a better video compression called AV1. Many large multinationals such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, and Intel are already part of the association.

This collaboration between the largest consortia in the technology field has as its goal the implementation of new open-source techniques for streaming, encryption and multimedia format of future online content, to compensate for a good quality content with a good video compression.

The arrival of Apple could give a considerable breakthrough to the AV1 project, making it the compression system that will unify the sector in the future. The unification of a compression method is very important to make sure that every computer and every browser is able to reproduce multimedia contents in the best performing way possible, bringing benefits both to companies and to the end user.

An example of non-unification could be just 4K videos on YouTube, which are accessible from the Google Chrome browser, but not from Safari for an incompatibility between formats.

Apple intends to help the project as it is interested in implementing the new strategy in its products and beyond. Most probably Apple wants to distribute its media through non-Apple products, reaching the Windows and Android platforms.

According to Mozilla, the new compression technique would be able to reduce file size by about 25/35%. Furthermore, it could reduce the use of machine resources and therefore extend the autonomy of the devices.

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