The iPhone SE of 2018 may already be in the assembly phase

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According to the documents released by TrendForce in the last hours, a new 4-inch iPhone is already under development. Will it arrive on the market together with the other iPhone in 2018 or will we have to wait for this cheaper model again?

The first iPhone SE was launched on the market in the first half of 2016 with technical features very similar to those of the iPhone 6s. The main strength of this Apple smartphone is still its decidedly advantageous price. The iPhone SE is, in fact, the cheapest Apple smartphone available on the market.

According to information leaked through TrendForce, the iPhone SE of 2018 would already be assembled by the Taiwanese company Wistron at their factories in India. The launch of this smartphone should be scheduled for the first half of 2018, just as it happened with the first model.

Currently, we do not know what the technical characteristics of this smartphone will be, nor what will be its design. Apple may readjust the same design as the iPhone 5 / 5s / SE, or propose something new like the iPhone 7 / 6s / 7/8. We will probably still see the Touch ID, given the higher cost of the sensors provided for the Face ID. For the same reason, we think that Apple will use LCD screens instead of OLEDs.

Via | MacRumors

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