Apple would have discarded the idea of ​​an 5.3-inch OLED iPhone but could come up with a 6 “

It is not the first time that it is spoken, but Apple would have set aside the idea of ​​a smaller iPhone X for next year, with a 5.28 “OLED display . Suppliers have revealed that there will not be a full-screen iPhone with a small size, as the market now seems to be clear: users like devices with large displays and reduced frames.

According to rumors, Samsung and other vendors would have received iPhone 3 2018 directives for three dimensions: 5.28 “, 5.85” and 6.46 “. The first option, as said, would have been discarded.

However, the most interesting part of the rumor is about a new iPhone with 6.46 “display . But the source would have revealed that this model might have an LCD display, which may mean that not all new iPhones will have an OLED panel . The production of these components could take on Japan Display, which not long ago presented a 6 “display with 2: 1 aspect ratio.

LCD or OLED displays can not be said, but it is almost certain that from 2018 the design of iPhone will be quite different from the “base” seen from iPhone 6. The smartphones will almost all have a full-screen design. So is 2017 the year when we finally say goodbye to the Home button on an iPhone?

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