The iPhone 8 will be expensive but analysts say there will be big discounts

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US carriers are likely to offer “assertive promotions” alongside the new, redesigned iPhone expected to come out this fall, Nomura-Instinet analysts forecasted on Wednesday.

iPhone 8 is really getting headlines due to new technologies Apple is going to pack into the device. It appears the

starting price could exceeds $ 1000 because of the new hardware. A report published by Business Insider, however, disagrees and argues that the smartphone will cost less.

increase in price may rise due to the OLED screen, the Wireless charging, a more powerful camera, a sensor with built-in 3D scanners, facial recognition technology, a battery with a new design with a higher capacity, a body made of glass more expensive and much more.

The analyst Jeffrey Kvaal however, argues that a very high price to users could only block them from buying the device. Therefore the Analyst believes that the next iPhone will be much cheaper to buy on subscription with network operators. Suggesting $165 on monthly installments.


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