iPhone 8: Unboxing of a Chinese clone [Video]

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In recent days the information on the next iPhone are changing and Apple may be maintaining a design with a small frame but much thicker than in recent mockup.

Some Chinese companies have already started to create real clones of these new iPhone and in this video we see one unboxing until the first test.


Actually we do not know if Apple has begun testing the design with the upper trapezius for this year or next year. What we call for months “iPhone 8” could actually be a 2018 model, and in September could get the 7S, the 7S Plus and what we see in this video with a different name “iPhone 8”.

Another hypothesis may involve a slight redesign of the 7S and 7S Plus, it could be like these clones we see in the video, so as to convince users to buy them instead fall back on all special edition of 10 years.

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