The first real traces of the iPhone 8 appearing on the Web

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The next iPhone 8 will have a display that will occupy the entire front of the device. There will also be functional area within which displays the virtual Home button and other dynamic buttons that will change depending on the application open.

Based on this information and some data released by analyst Kuo and evidence found in Google Analytics, MacRumors is quite sure of daily visits to their website by various iPhone 8.

During the month of May and earlier, MacRumors had already received visits from devices with a screen resolution attributable to the next iPhone. Starting in June, however, these visits have intensified becoming commonplace. These mountains all iOS devices 11 and accesses are from San Francisco and other towns in Sunnyvale.

The iPhone 8 should have a screen 5.8 “diagonal. In this space it is included the functional area for a total of 2800 x 1242 pixels. If we do not consider the functional area (which will not display applications), the effective surface of the display drops to 5.15 inches with 2436 x 1125 pixels.

In order to fit all applications in the App Store, in a totally automatic, the new screen resolution, Apple uses multipliers. The original applications are made in 1x, 2x have a resolution Retina ones and those for the iPhone Plus have a resolution 3x.

To understand this difference, just look at the image above. The same figure (a circle in this case) is unambiguously created with Xcode but then is displayed in a different manner according to the target device. In the case of a display 1x, the image is made in 10 x 10 = 100 pixels. Turning to 2x, each pixel is divided into 4 parts obtaining a final resolution of 20 x 20 = 400 pixels. Same for the 3x initial dividing each pixel into 9 parts to get 30 x 30 = 900 pixels.

The screen resolution found by MacRumors log in Analytics is 812 x 375 pixels . Multiplying this resolution with a multiplier 3x (the same used for applications on iPhone 7 Plus) will get exactly 2436 x 1125 pixels, which is the actual resolution that should have the iPhone screen 8 without considering the functional area.

The new smartphone came into being mass produced so it is normal that many Apple engineers are performing various necessary tests, including those that affect Internet browsing.

This news confirms the form factor and screen resolution and makes us realize how actually will run the display “stretched” by the operating system and also how they might behave applications.

The image on the top of this article is a concept but it is entirely plausible in the light of this discovery. Basically, the lower part of the screen should not show the applications and could be in black or Lockscreen show buttons if necessary.

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