iPhone 8: New images from the Foxconn factories confirm aspects of design

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The iPhone 8 has entered mass production. What we see in these images should be the part of the metal mold. Here are some confirmations on design.

The next iPhone 8 will be  all-glass both in front and in back. The two sides will, however, held together by a metal frame and what we see in these photos is the basis which serves to build this frame.

The images were circulated on Weibo and should come from an employee of Foxconn.

The iPhone 8 has already entered the stage of mass production and the same person who spread these photos also stated that the frame size will be similar to that of an iPhone 7 4.7 “but will be slightly larger for both as it regards the width and the height.

All this finds consistency in the fact that the next Apple device frames will have reduced almost to zero, and then the screen will be much wider, while occupying almost the same space as the previous model.

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