iPhone 8 with Smart Connector for wireless charging and to support VR accessories | Rumor

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The Verifier suggests that the next iPhone will have the special Smart Connector  for wireless charging and to connect VR/AR accessories. Currently, the Cupertino giant has used the connector in question only on the iPad Pro line.

This is not the first time that we speak of the Smart Connector as one of the iPhone news. For example, last year emerged pictures of an iPhone 7 Plus version with the Smart Connector on the rear seat. Despite the smartphone’s design was very accurate, the alleged version version with a special connector has never reached the market.

The Verifier believes that Apple will use the Smart Connector to support Supplies actually increases / virtual, and not just for wireless charging (or induction). The report says that Apple TV and AirPlay will have an important role to support the AR / VR technology.

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