LG has solved the problems with UltraFine 5K 27 ” Monitor here is how to recognize the new models

LG has finally solved the problems to UltraFine 5K monitor 27 “that caused interference when placed near a WiFi router.

The problem was due primarily to the absence of a robust shielding against electromagnetic interference pattern. As reported by AppleInsider, however, the new LG monitors are still slightly more sensitive to interference than other monitors even if the problem will be solved.

To detect new units just look at the serial number. Models sold at launch, have a serial number starting with 611. In particular, the initial “6” stands for 2016, and 11 indicates the month of November. Newer models have a serial starting with “702”, which stands for February 2017.

Those who buy online, through the Apple Store, surely receive a 2017 model, already deprived of the problem. Those who bought it in the store, can quickly check the serial shown on the box.

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