The iPhone 7 Plus is the “Plus” model more popular than ever: diversifying smartphones helped Apple

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According to statements by Tim Cook, the iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 “was the” Plus “model and more popular among all iPhones (ie it was able to sell more of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus) .

Analyzing the data, it was the increased price of this model, combined with more of the same sales, did make possible an increase in revenues, as to save the quarter Apple and even to bring it above all expectations. The earnings generated by the iPhone 7 Plus, have filled the lower sales of iPad and Mac.

If for the first time the model Plus has had all this success, the merit is of unique functions added on the same. The dual cameras, for example, never before seen on an iPhone, the “Portrait” feature to take pictures with semi professional effects, have convinced millions of users.

It ‘the same success that had the iPhone when, for the first time, two new sizes were introduced. Have a little something more and different proved to be the right choice for Apple and most likely the company will continue to diversify even devices in the future.

Recall that Apple has been able to see a total of 78.3 million iPhone against 74.7 million last year.

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