Maxi seizure of Samsung devices in the province of Vicenza for patent infringement

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The Samsung negative period seems to have no end. In fact, after the recent arrest of Vice President  the South Korean giant is having problems in Italy . The Command of the Guardia di Finanza the province of Vicenza has announced that it has executed  seizure  of several smartphones and tablets Samsung brand throughout the province of Vincenza because of a patent infringement.

The reason of the operation of the Guardia di Finanza di Vicenza is well explained in a statement: “Korean multinational telephony employs software protected by European patent registered and owned by an Italian company of 60 million euro value .”

Yellow Flames took 80 soldiers in Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Torri di Quartesolo, Thiene, Altavilla and other centers of the province where there are retailers (also) of smartphones and tablets, as MediaWorld, Expert and Auchan. The South Korean tech giant would use a technology concerning the volume control whose patent (registered in 2002) is owned by an Italian company, the Edico srl of Rome . This could be extended to other provinces, but it is important to emphasize that exclusively concerns the devices for sale, so do not already sold.

Here are two photos of the empty exhibitors after the seizure:

The patent in question concerns, as mentioned, the volume control: software that shows the user, when you connect the earphones, a volume bar, which changes color according to the potential danger to hearing the same user. The Financial Police have confiscated the models currently on sale to understand precisely what the counterfeit items based on model and operating system.Would be 21 devices , including smartphones and tablets, to be equipped with this interface.

Samsung has released a statement on the issue, which we present here:

Samsung is aware of the fact that in today’s day were carried out kidnappings of smartphones and tablets of its brand at some outlets of the province of Vicenza and that these seizures were made on the initiative of such Edico Ltd. (a company that does not carry out any production activities or distribution in the field) on the basis of an alleged infringement of its patent. Samsung announced that he will be contacting the appropriate civil and criminal authorities for the immediate withdrawal of these measures and the rest of the damages and image.

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