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7 reasons why the iPhone 7 beats any Samsung smartphone

1. Optical Zoom The new iPhone 7 Plus comes with two lenses for the camera. The additional lens allows the smartphone to perform an optical zoom to distant subjects. Samsung Galaxy smartphones S7, S7 EDGE and Note 7 can take beautiful photographs, but when it comes to performing a zoom, not having a special lens, […]


DisplayMate: iPhone 7 has the best LCD in the world and sets new records

Apple made a point of noting that its new iPhone 7 display is its brightest iPhone display ever, and new in-depth analysis from DisplayMate shows it also breaks records in many other key areas making it one of the best performing displays it has ever tested. With iPhone 7 Apple started to work with the iPad Pro display, which […]


WhatsApp remotely updates mentions for iOS

Finally the WhatsApp team activated the much awaited mentions, allowing you to chat with a particular contact in a group. WhatsApp performed a remote update for iOS application, by making “mentions” available to everyone that has installed the App. Simply, as a standard practice for any application, using the ” @ ” will open the […]

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