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The screenplay for the latest Star Wars was written on a MacBook Air to avoid the leaks

The director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has officially declared to have written the entire screenplay of the film on his MacBook Air. The computer was constantly disconnected from the internet to prevent any type of IT leaks. When writing documents such as the entire screenplay of a film the likes of Star Wars, the risk of spreading this information […]

PC market growing after 6 years thanks to Apple and HP

According to data released by IDC, sales of Macs in the last quarter of 2017 increased by 7.3% compared to the same period of 2016. This is a totally unexpected data given the performance of the PC market. Six years after the last growth of the PC market, in the last quarter of 2017, an […]

CES 2018: SanDisk presents the 1 TB USB-C stick

During the CES 2018, SanDisk announced its 1 TB USB-C stick, extremely fast and portable. According to the manufacturer, this is the most compact key with a similar capacity currently available on the market. After the launch of the 2016 MacBook Pro, with only four USB-C ports, many users were wondering when the USB sticks would […]

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