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iOS 12 has already been installed on 10% of Apple devices in just 48 hours

48 hours have passed since the official release of iOS 12 and, according to data collected by Mixpanel, the adoption rate of the new operating system has already reached 10%. Users are updating to iOS 12 slower than ever before. With iOS 11, in fact, 10% was achieved in just 24 hours, iOS 10 instead, in […]

Should I change my iPhone to buy one of the new ones?

Only 3 minutes had elapsed since the end of the Apple event that we have already started to receive messages like: “Should I change my iPhone to buy the new XS?”. Others have asked the same question for XS Max and others for XR. We have answered this question so many times (even in the Q & A that we […]

Shortcuts (Commands) is available in the App Store: the app allows you to create complex workflows that can be called up by voice

Shortcuts App is finally available in the App Store and can be downloaded immediately. The application is the evolution of Workflow that allows you to perform complex workflows with just one voice command. It is much faster and more powerful than Workflow but it maintains the same basic structure and all the flows we have made for Workflow work perfectly […]

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