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Tony Fadell, the “father of iPod”: “Apple must do something to counter the iPhone’s addiction”

Tony Fadell, former Apple employee also known as the “father of iPod”, believes that Apple has a responsibility to counter the problem of iPhone addiction. According to him what is needed is the equivalent of a council on nutrition and then a way to keep track of our “consumption”. Fadell explained his thoughts in an interview with Wired: «When […]

“Netflix is ​​the anti-Apple”, word of CEO Reed Hastings

At the TED 2018 conference held in Vancouver from April 10th to 14th, Reed Hastings, CEO of the streaming giant Netflix, stated that his company is the anti-Apple company, mainly referring to the management methods adopted for this purpose. concerning the organization of work. We are the anti-Apple. They create compartments, we do the opposite. Everyone receives all the information. […]

Do you want Facebook without advertising? Here is what the price to pay would be

After the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, some analysts have imagined a paid plan for Facebook. Thanks to it the user could suspend the display of advertising banners, paying a monthly fee. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has never definitively ruled out the arrival of a premium subscription for the popular social network. After the recent scandal of advertising banners and data […]

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