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Unveils the iPhone 8 box: “iPhone X Edition”?

There is now little to the presentation of the new Apple smartphones, scheduled as every year in September. Today we want to reveal both the name of the device and its official box. Let’s start by spilling some words on the source of this image and our news in general. The image of the alleged iPhone 8 […]

A Hacker has decrypted the firmware that manages the Touch ID and other iOS security systems

Within the recent Apple devices there is a “Secure Enclave Processor” that manages iOS security. The firmware of this component has been recently decrypted by a hacker. The Xerub hacker has decrypted the “Secure Enclave Processor” firmware by publishing parts of his work on  GitHub . Apple security systems remain protected, but hackers may find some vulnerabilities in the […]

Apple used a secret web site to hire a cloud infrastructure specialist

Apple was (is it?) Looking for a candidate with knowledge on modern servers and web services, and more. However, the announcement was published on the web in a somewhat “singular way”. A hidden , and now unavailable page of the Apple site was apparently used by the company to hire an engineer to work on critical infrastructure component. The page – […]

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