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Apple releases iOS 11 in final, for all: Here’s the LINK TO DOWNLOAD

After a long beta test, iOS 11 is finally available for everyone. The wait is over. After 3 months of development, Apple has just made available the final version of IOS 11 that contains hundreds of news we’re going to see in a complete way in a dedicated article. How to install iOS 11 If you […]

iPhone X: Although it costs more, it offers lower profit margins for Apple

The iPhone X is very expensive, yet it is the smartphone that offers less profit margins to Apple. The cost of the components needed to produce it is indeed very high. The Wall Street Journal has released its own analysis, comparing the cost of production of the iPhone X with the previous ones and hence the profit of […]

Apple upgrades App Store guidelines: banned “antivirus” and Face ID usage under 13 years of age

With new guidelines Apple would ban apps that allow viruses to be detected and improper use of Face ID A few days ago, in conjunction with the upcoming arrival of iOS 11, Apple released the new developer guidelines, accessible for those who are interested in this address. Specifically, Rule 2.3.1 has been updated with the explicit prohibition of […]

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