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The number of deaths due to road accidents caused by the used of the smartphone increases

The spread of smartphones is ever increasing, the culture of the entire world population has changed and now even the kids are entertained and get their first smartphone in pre-adolescent age. Constant use of the smartphone does not stop even driving, and the number of accidents due to mobile phones has increased by 14.4% over the past […]

Foxconn has shipped the first iPhone X

There are few days left at the start of the pre-orders and today Foxconn has shipped the first iPhone X assembled in Zhengzhou and Shanghai. The iPhone X shipments are 46,500, destined for the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, two of the Apple sorting centers, which will then be subdivided for all European and […]

iPhone 8 & sells more than iPhone 7 according to analysts

According to recent reports by some analysts, the  iPhone 7 would be unexpectedly selling more than the new model recently released, or iPhone 8. It was John Vinh of Keybanc Capital Markets, quoting some resellers’ surveys. According to Vinh, sales of the latest iPhone 8 would be scarce due to the forthcoming launch of the iPhone X – which we remember coming out […]

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