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The successor of the iPhone X could have a lower price than the current model

According to a recent report released by DigiTimes, the successor of the iPhone X planned for 2018 will be sold at a reduced price compared to the current model. The reason for this price drop would be the reduced costs of the materials used to make it. There are already many rumors that confirm the arrival of […]

All against Facebook, the #DeleteFacebook hashtag breaks out. Even the co-founder of Whatsapp joins the lawsuit!

Facebook now controls our lives: the social network has so much of our private and personal data that when we really start to reflect on this topic we can not help but be frightened. A few days ago we heard about Cambridge Analytica, a company founded in 2013 by an American billionaire entrepreneur with very conservative […]

How to find the songs previously recognized by Siri

Have you ever tried to use Siri to recognize a listening song? The voice assistant can provide you with the title and artist of the song in seconds. These songs searched through Siri are then saved so you can review and listen again in the future. Here’s how to find the list of songs discovered by Siri. Surely […]

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