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Samsung re-launches “Smart Switch”, the application which helps iPhone users (and Android) to switch to the new Galaxy

Even Samsung, like Apple, has created a new page on its official website, to help users move to the Galaxy. On the page it is available to download also an application called Smart Switch that allows you to quickly migrate data from a previous Android smartphone to the new Galaxy.   Samsung also highlights how simple transfer […]

iPhone 8: the final render showing exactly how it should be [Video]

We have seen many, more than any other year, but this should be the final concept. The next iPhone 8 should be exactly like this: The shape, the camera and the front design should be just as shown in this video. The only question (compared to the movie) is about colors. They are in fact almost always imagined […]

The iOS 11 public beta is now available! Here’s how to install it [GUIDE]

Monday is Apple’s favorite day to release new firmware. The’ve been waiting for 3 weeks and finally came the first public beta of iOS 11. First of all we want to warn you that this is still a beta version of iOS 11 firmware. These are still quite unstable and may also cause several problems during […]

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