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Royal Wedding: Goldgenie makes an iPhone X in 24K gold with a picture of Harry and Meghan

On the occasion of Royal Wedding, the royal wedding of Prince Harry with the actress Meghan Markle that will be celebrated tomorrow in Windsor Castle, Goldgenie’s goldsmiths have created a limited edition of the iPhone X in 24-carat rose gold with platinum trim. On the back of the device, the artisans hand-engraved the photo of Harry and Meghan. Of this celebrated version of […]

Apple will launch an inexpensive HomePod with the Beats brand: it will not have Siri

We have already talked several times about the possibility of seeing a cheaper version of HomePod, today is a supplier of Apple to provide more information about it.  Well, the new speaker will be produced by Beats, which of course belongs to Apple, but will be branded “Beats”.  MediaTek will play a key role in […]

WhatsApp introduces new features dedicated to groups

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application belonging to Facebook, has published a post on the official blog introducing much news concerning mainly the management of groups that, thanks to new features, will be significantly improved. The company is gradually implementing the changes, making them available to all users in the latest version of the application. Below is the official changelog: Group description:  a short […]

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