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Ford wants to turn cars into real personal assistants

By 2022 almost all new cars will be equipped with a voice recognition system, which evolved learn to interpret the tone of voice and facial expression of the driver. The SYNC 3 , the system of infotainment and connectivity to Ford, which already includes voice control to manage devices car and select the smartphone app, […]

Instagram introduces the ability to upload album with 10 photos and videos

Instagram has introduced a new format for sharing our multimedia content, which will allow us to simultaneously share up to 10 photos or video in a single post. When making your choice of media, Instagram allows us to select multiple items at once. This will enable us to publish in one post up to 10 […]

You can finally customize AirPods choosing from 58 different colors

Have you always wanted the customizable AirPods at will? ColorWare has the right solution for you, allowing you to color your wireless headphones in 58 different colors! The AirPods have undoubtedly been a great success for Apple. Despite their price, they sold very well, also causing a few problems with the stocks available online and […]

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